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Crystal's journey into filmmaking began when she stumbled upon Meshes of the Afternoon by Maya Deren and Alexandr Hackenschmied when she was in her late teens.  She was mesmerised by the film and was immediately captivated by its creativity and imaginative storytelling.  But it was her time as a series regular on the BAFTA-winning BBC medical drama Casualty that cemented her love for the craft of filmmaking.  She was surrounded by an enormously generous group of highly talented crew, who were happy to guide her and answer some of her (at times, rather silly!) questions.


Her path into directing has been full of wonderful detours: from life as a ballet dancer, to musical theatre, and acting; from China to Hong Kong, and now the UK.  Yet, it is exactly her rich and multicultural life experiences that allow her to see the world through such unique perspective.  Crystal's films have been accepted into numerous film festivals around the world, a testament to her talent and the wealth of experience she brings to her work. Driven by her love of storytelling and collaboration, she is constantly seeking out new challenges and opportunities to grow as a filmmaker.

Short Films

"Step into the gripping, post-apocalyptic world of Crystal Yu's short film 'Grit' with this striking poster. Written and directed by the emerging filmmaker, 'Grit' follows the journey of two survivors as they navigate a world devastated by a global catastrophe. With a powerful narrative and stunning visual effects, 'Grit' offers a thrilling and thought-provoking exploration of humanity in crisis. This dynamic poster captures the film's edgy, dystopian aesthetic, and invites audiences to immerse themselves in the heart-pounding action. Don't miss this bold and visionary cinematic experience from one of the industry's most exciting new talents. #GritShortFilm #CrystalYu #EmergingDirector #PostApocalyptic #Thriller #IndieCinema"
"Experience the power of connection and communication in Crystal Yu's short film 'Questions To Love.' Directed by the talented emerging filmmaker, 'Questions To Love' explores the complexities of modern relationships and the importance of asking the right questions. With a compelling narrative and naturalistic performances, the film offers a refreshing and thought-provoking exploration of love in the digital age. This beautiful poster captures the film's tender and introspective mood, inviting viewers to engage with the film's message of empathy and understanding. Don't miss this intimate and heartfelt work from one of the industry's most exciting new voices. #QuestionsToLoveShortFilm #CrystalYu #EmergingDirector #ModernLove #Communication #Empathy #IndieCinema"

'In a quest for love, a young woman must confront some deeply personal questions.'

Questions to Love received an Honorable Mention at the Arts Film Awards and was recently selected at the China Women’s Film Festival.

"Delve into the dark and mysterious world of Crystal Yu's short film 'Are You Sleeping' with this hauntingly beautiful work. Directed by the talented emerging filmmaker, 'Are You Sleeping' is a psychological thriller that explores the complexities of guilt, grief, and memory. With a powerful performance by the lead actress and masterful direction by Crystal Yu, the film offers a unique and gripping cinematic experience. This striking poster captures the film's eerie and enigmatic atmosphere, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the haunting narrative. Don't miss this exceptional work from one of the industry's most exciting new voices. #AreYouSleepingShortFilm #CrystalYu #EmergingDirector #PsychologicalThriller #Grief #Memory #IndieCinema"

'Survival is the only agenda.'

GRIT was written and co-directed by Crystal for the 2022 London 48 Hour Film Project.  This short was nominated for Best Film and Best Direction of the festival, and won Best Actor and Best Cinematography. 


'Struggling with sleep deprivation for weeks on end, one man's search for relief awakens his deepest fear.'

Are You Sleeping? was selected to premiere at the 2020 Frightfest Film Festival, and later received a nomination for Best Director Short Film at the Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival 2020.

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